Brittani Starr (Company Rep)

My name is Brittani Starr and I am a Twisted Spur Consultant. My friend Juanita introduced these leggings to me. She told me she wanted to buy me, my daughter and herself matching leggings. We are all extremely different sizes. She asked me a general size. I told her, generally thinking haha how could she possible get my size?! I’m pretty unique in size, my waist is small and booty ample. When the leggings arrived my daughter and I tried them on to find they were like putting clouds on our legs! AND they didn’t sheer. She somehow got my size comfortably and without sheering! Such a great surprise! I fell in love with these leggings so much I emailed the company and asked to be a representative! I love sharing good things I find with you so here I am a consultant for a great company!