Shooting Star Leggings *SPECIALIZED*

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For those days that you are feeling like a real rocket scientist! OR maybe for those days you really want to get out of this world (who are we kidding, that's like every day right)? Throw on these navy blue leggings, with shooting stars and rockets, close your eyes, and make a wish. And hey, if it doesn't come true - at least you are comfortable as all get out regardless. And I might suggest pouring a glass of bubbly at this point! 

Below are our sizing recommendations for this pair of leggings:

  • REG is an one-size that fits Ladies Small-Large. About Size 4-10
  • PLUS is an one-size that fits Women XL-3XL. About Size 10-18

Simple 1" elastic waistband for great comfort.

Brushed 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.