Galaxy The Next Generation Leggings *SPECIALIZED*

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If there is anything even better than a standard pair of galaxy leggings (yes, we say there is such a thing and these ain't it), it's a pair of gorgeous deep purple and magenta galaxy leggings! All atop the always-classic black background of course! You can literally get lost star gazing, or is that just the mimosa? In any case, these beauties are a true must have!

Buttery SOFT Ultra Stretch Leggings in a Limited Specialized Print!!These amazing leggings have lots of stretch for any figure!

Below are our sizing recommendations for this pair of leggings:

  • REG is an one-size that fits Ladies Small-Large. About Size 4-10
  • PLUS is an one-size that fits Womans XL-3XL.About Size 10-18
  • KIDS S/M fits about 4T-6
  • KIDS L/XL fits about 7-10

Simple 1" elastic waistband for great comfort.

Brushed 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.