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Panda Cuddles Leggings

How many of you ladies can honestly say you never dreamed of cuddling a panda?...well I can't! Since realistically we may not get to actually cuddle a panda this is the next best thing. With our ultra buttery soft material its like a panda is hugging your legs, and you get the added benefit of a cute panda print too

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the printing process of these, some black dye may show in the white. We recommend to pretreat with White Vinegar to help with dye bleeds.

Limited Specialized Print!!These amazing leggings have lots of stretch for any figure!

Below are our sizing recommendations for this pair of leggings:

  • REG is an one-size that fits Ladies Small-Large. About Size 4-10
  • PLUS is an one-size that fits Women XL-3XL. About Size 10-18

Simple 1" elastic waistband for great comfort.

Brushed 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Leggings only

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