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Pineapple Delight Leggings

Pineapples are life! And not just as pizza toppings, ladies! These adorable pineapple leggings are such a fun way to show your love for this tropical fruit. And, as always, these are ultra comfortable and soft as heck!

Buttery SOFT Ultra Stretch Leggings!!These amazing leggings have lots of stretch for any figure!

Below are our sizing recommendations for this pair of leggings:

  • REG is an one-size that fits Ladies Small-Large. About Size 4-10
  • PLUS is an one-size that fits Women XL-3XL. About Size 12-18

Simple 1" elastic waistband for great comfort.

Brushed 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Leggings only

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